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VARIOTAG and the UE digital labelling regulation

VARIOTAG are digital labels or electronic labels to complement conventional labeling in accordance with EU Regulation 2021/2117 of 2 December 2021, aimed at all wine, beer and spirits producers in the world who market their products within the European Union market.
The VARIOTAG can be consulted in all the languages of the European Union by scanning a QRcode present on the packaging of each item.
A VARIOTAG must faithfully report all the mandatory information, the list of ingredients, the average nutritional values and disposal instructions for separable components. Information for commercial or marketing purposes cannot be inserted into the digital label and user data cannot be collected or tracked.
Click or Scan the example VARIOTAG below

Feb 26 2024 - In this period of regulatory update, European manufacturers exporting to the UK, AUS, USA or other non-EU countries, check the compatibility between the new European digital labelling adopted, as regulated in the importing country

"A versatile and compliant model, designed for small manufacturers and developed for large companies."

VARIOTAG,how does it work?

  1. Reserved area to manage the Variotag park. Add, delete, edit through an ordered system for versatile and intuitive topics usable from desktop or mobile, with any operating system (Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS).
  2. QRCode generated automatically and immediately available with each activation of a new Variotag.
  3. What and How to print on the label for complete and correct information in accordance with current legislation.
  4. Verification of nutritional values by a practical calculator.
  5. Texts translated into the official languages of each member country of the European Union and always in English for non-managed languages.
  6. Monitoring of regulations, additional rules possible new member states.
  7. Assistance from our technicians for all registration operations, entry procedures and management of relevant data.

  • The sale of a Variotag, therefore of a specific product, presupposes that it is no longer present on the market even when the producer considers that its commercial life has come to an end.
  • We have worked to offer a space dedicated to each of our customers and maximize the use of individual Variotag/ product so as to reduce or at least contain, the predictable rotations and replacements of qrcode and relevant values, that will accumulate with time or with the succession of harvests. Good news also for your trusted graphic designers and printers!

International manufacturers, welcome to Europe!

VARIOTAG alongside operators and manufacturers around the world.
Does your company produce in a non-EU country but already exports the product within the European Union?
Or are you interested in seizing the numerous opportunities that this large market offers for international producers?

No problem! Variotag is an active and reliable partner, it streamlines some important bureaucratic obligations through a digital system integrative to conventional labelling, simple and intuitive, complete in the information on how to compile your product sheets, calculate the energy value according to variable parameters by product type, activate the Variotag and qrcode with all the mandatory information to prepare the print files, always in full compliance with the current European regulation and subsequent changes.

US producers who export their product (Wine, Beer, Spirits) to Europe will have to comply with the new regulation by verifying the compatibility of their ingredients list with the European Unione, labelling the energy value and the average nutritional values per 100ml of product according to community parameters through the practical calculator available for all VARIOTAG users.

To each is own price

Prices are determined by packages of VARIOTAG that is the amount of qrcode that can be activated according to the number of products that you want to adjust.

Profile tailor made

Once you have chosen the starting profile, you can always integrate and purchase packages or individual VARIOTAG activating what you need when you need it.

Versatile and smart

Each product is associated with a VARIOTAG, each of them can be kept for several seasons regardless of the vintage, production batches or packaging used as long as the same product is constant over time.

Profile BASIC

€ 110,00

1 year / taxes included

  • Up 5 VARIOTAG/product
  • Up to 15 position & multipack
  • Translation into 24 EU languages
  • Lay-out guidelines for printing
  • User Dashboard
  • 1 Brand

Profile MID

€ 180,00

1 year / taxes included

  • Up to 10 VARIOTAG/product
  • Up to 30 position & multipack
  • Translation into 24 EU languages
  • Lay-out guidelines for printing
  • User Dashboard
  • 1 Brand

Profile TOP

€ 250,00

1 year / taxes included

  • Up to 20 VARIOTAG/product
  • Up to 60 position & multipack
  • Translation into 24 EU languages
  • Lay-out guidelines for printing
  • User Dashboard
  • 1 Brand

The profile dedicated to MULTI BRAND or with unlimited VARIOTAG

Create and customize your label with one of our experts.
We are a team of people working on our models to improve their adaptability to user needs and make them easier to use.

Please let it be ever a pleasure.

VARIOTAG suggests a moderate and conscious consumption of alcoholic beverages. It recommends children under the age of 18, pregnant women and all those who drive cars or use machinery to pay close attention to alcohol consumption and the risk of possible harmful health effects.

Please have a little more patience :-)

The public digital label system is already functional and in use by our customers.
We are completing the functionality of the software and the systems for managing the subscription, profile and reserved area of users.
Contact us to have all the printing instructions on the label and activate the essential digital labeling service for your products within 24 hours.